Laser Wheel Alignment

Laser Wheel Alignment

Having a standard wheel balance and alignment carried out by your tyre fitter is simply NOT cost effective. If the suspension and ride are not set up accurately, your car’s tyres WILL wear unevenly and prematurely. In addition, your car will suffer from poor handling and tram lining. This is particularly so if you change the size or style of wheel or if you have wheels of 17” or larger.

Bartley offer ultra-precise checks and full laser 4 wheel alignment. This loads your BMW to the correct ride height with weights and centres the rack during the alignment. As part of this service the “toe” and “camber” are checked and adjusted. Bartley suppy a before and after report with every alignment.

Precise & Affordable

The service takes between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the adjustments required, and can be carried out while you wait.

Please contact Bartley on 023 80 661499 or for pricing and further information.


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